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Heating Performance Lab GmbH

We bring the field test into the lab

Our Mission

We, as HPL see ourselves as a digitalized testing institute for highly dynamic measurement methods and have emerged as a spin-off from the Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate at RWTH Aachen University.

Our team has years of experience in setting up and operating test bench infrastructures for the energy systems of tomorrow. With our hardware-in-the-loop test benches, we uncover the potential of complex energy systems in a realistic environment and open up new possibilities in the field of research and development.

What we do

The building energy systems of tomorrow are becoming more complex and diverse. With our hardware-in-the-loop process, we bring an entire building energy system into our laboratories and thus combine the field's advantages with the laboratory's benefits.


At the HPL, we can couple real hardware with dynamic simulation models in real-time. Complex components of an energy conversion system, such as the heat pump or a PV inverter, are usually installed as real hardware in the laboratory. Components not part of the technical supply system, such as the building envelope, can be modeled in dynamic simulations. After coupling the modeled software and the existing hardware, the states of the components are interdependent, which means that highly dynamic tests can be carried out under broad boundary conditions and with a high degree of repeatability.

Overview of our services

Field Test in the Lab

Measurement and evaluation of heat pumps under realistic and dynamic boundary conditions. Hydraulic evaluability and comparability through our HiL concept, as well as experimental determination of annual key figures through representative type days

System Controller Evaluation

Simulative and experimental tests of innovative system controllers in individual setups. Emulation of virtual values such as valve opening levels and building temperatures.

Test Bench Development

We consult and develop hydraulic concepts and climate chambers with you and support you in developing cloud-based data infrastructures.

Accredited Measurements

HPL GmbH plans to accredit all laboratories according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 in the future.


We are the Heating Performance Lab

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